How do you know that these family meals you keep on insisting on having are actually useful and worthy of our time? When in one meal you answer the questions like: - What is a transgender? - What is evolution? - Why do a lot of scientists believe there is no God? - What is your favorite pokemon? Answer: Bulbasaur, ONION TURTLE FOR LIFE! **Bonus question:** Son G pulled me to the side and asked: "Dad have you ever had sex?" My mind reeled with the possible ways to answer this. Gazing at my maturing loin fruit I smiled and answered directly "Yes! How do you think you got here." ## Let me paint the picture ... The family is all sitting down to dinner. There is some sadness on the faces of the children as they realize they will need to eat broccoli. We distribute the chicken. As we cut into it we realize that even though I have slaved over the stove for an hour the chicken is not quite done. Mom stands up to go make Ramen while I talk with the kids. "Dad, what is your favorite pokemon?" I think on this for a few minutes "Onion Turttle of course!" Son G thinks on this and then asks "which one is the onion turtle." I tell him "well it is Bulbasaur." Laughter ensues, I make a mental note about, how miss naming pokemon might be funny. Then the laughter is broken, ney shattered midair by a question traveling at mach 12, straight out of the barrel of p.c. culture. "What does transgender mean?" Son D, also the question asker, flinches a little not knowing if transgender was a cuss word. I stare the question right in its face. It licks its lips, brushes it's beard back and adjusts its corset. I do not flinch. See some kids at school were tossing it around like a funny thing to call one another. I will not go into detail here about what all I said I will say that the end result is whether or not we agree or disagree Jesus tells us to care for all people. The question, bloodied and beaten, nods approvingly and saunters out of the room, but not before tripping a bit on its high heels while adjusting what we can only guess is downstairs. Son G feeling emboldened by Son D's question decides to throw out there one that has been bothering him a bit. The question crawls out of the primordial soup and before our eyes changes from simple to complex to more complex mores till it stands there, a monkey with a burning bible and a lab coat. "I want to be a scientist when I grow up, but a lot of scientists don't believe in God, so what is this whole evolution thing.?" The question smirks. Maybe it has me finally, maybe it finally gets to run the show and hang in the air like a dead dinosaur's methane fart. I admit I am no expert but I do love science. Something about humans going out of there way to think God's thoughts after him is wonderful to me. I expound on what they believe, what micro and macroevolution is, the Cambrian explosion, the correlation between creationism and Darwinian evolution and how scientist though smart don't know everything and really can't. Then I level the coup de gras, even though Son G and Son D have accepted Christ when they are adults and no longer under my roof and protection they will have to decide for themselves. I assure them that doubt is a real part of life and to question with boldness because in the end, it will only make their faith stronger. The question limps back into the pool of primordial goop that it came from, soundly beaten and answered. I then raised my spoon full of leftover potato salad (there was not enough ramen for me) a celebration that in this home no question, no topic, no revelation is off limits. [Photo by Dom J from Pexels](