Have you ever had a conversation so riveting that you felt smarter and enriched for having it? I have several times. I recall I had recently with a particular gentleman over some good beer and bourbon. We discussed the idea that not all individuals are able to accept Christ. Now I won't get into the details fo the conversation and I won't expound on which side I might be on. Well, not at this moment. What I will say is that in our discussion though we disagreed we found a few very sounds and reliable things about ourselves. The first is that our beliefs may have some wicker walls in their inner structure. We also found that we shared a fundamental foundation upon which we both agreed. We also both walked away sharpened and maybe with a few changed perspectives. Neither one of us set out to demonize, insult or belittle the other. What we set out to do was to know, listen, and understand one another; and subsequently ourselves. In a world full of people who deny even the existence of foundational gender we would do well to do less shouting and more listening. You might learn something. You might change your mind. You might make a friend that does not agree with you. You might know yourself better.