You have a purpose. You have more than one purpose. There was nothing about your conception that was an accident. How can I say that empirically? I can't. Maybe this disheartens you. Maybe you live only by what you can observe. Maybe you want to live by _only_ what you can observe. I get it, there is an inherent fear in conceding that what man can understand is far and away, smaller than what is actually out in reality. It also means that there is a fair chance you might be responsible for your actions. There is a terror that comes with realizing your outburst, your outrage at least in part had you as a willing participant. There is also a great pleasure and satisfaction when you lift your head up and value your life and those around you. It is not measurable, it is not observable, not fully at least. We humans of earth know it though. We see it and we want it so badly. _Photo by [Matthew Henry]( on [Unsplash](