We are funny beasts are we not? Some of us are covered in hair while others of us lose it all. We have built massive homes and cities. Achievement upon achievement is heaped on the great mound of modern man's many wonders. Yet this modern man finds himself melancholy towards it. Don't get me wrong I think all of these things are great and definitely improve the quality of lives well beyond what our ancestors ever considered possible. Yet we push on while society at large peels off the protective carapace of reason and purpose. We push hard into discovery without guiding morals. We invent nothing but discover everything possible and take credit for its very existence. We have little to no capacity for gratitude, especially when it won't fit in our microwave. It is not all as nihilistic as it seems. It is true that the darker it gets the brighter a single spark is. This is true of light sources and what they shine on. In the darkness, a hidden light source can easily illuminate a pillar of truth, just as easily as it will be for post-enlightenment man to gather around a warm campfire in the ruins of social medias apocolypse. Know that it is coming and this might be the most exciting thing for a medium I love, that is the medium of free and open speech on the internet. So many people have allowed their voices to be co-opted in exchange for the possibility of a readily available audience and convenience. This may seem to you to be the ramblings of a fool on social media or any other platform that this is syndicated on. Those machine's gears do nash and drive their siege engines forward, however you have a voice that is yours. It may be scary but take responsibility for it, dare to be wrong, listen and be heard. Most importantly speak and listen, and don't trust would be digital empires to give you a fair hearing because life is not fair and they make their money through pandering to the directionless masses which is us.