Man fears death that is why governments, religions, and corporations exist. We want to control people because we fear death. ~ A Friend of Mine It's not that we fear death it is that eternity has been set in the heart of man. We intrinsically know there is more to be had and we desperately want it. We also know that a kind of death will be required to obtain it and there lies the friction. ~ My Answer to That Friend. I'm not a scholar by any stretch of the imagination. You can probably tell by my constant struggle with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, I do hold a significant amount of experience in child raising. Once again not a scholar but eleven years as a parent, volunteer at a church's children's ministries and most recently foster parent will tell you some stuff. Frankly, I have seen some things. I am even not going to discuss the recent school shootings though you can probably tell that it is an undercurrent in our society at large. At the very least it applies here. > The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3:11 > > He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Whether you believe in the validity of scripture or not this statement accurately captures the human internal workings. None can deny that at some point almost every human feels the twinge of longing for meaning, the sting of the fear of death and a desperate hope for something more. Yet western society has seemed to allow the rot of nihilism to take root and have joined up in the mocking parlance of “God is Dead.” The P.C. term for this is moral relativism. Truth can never be truly known if it even exists at all. In this atmosphere, humans are rendered simply bags of meat, water, and hormones. Truly we are grotesque beings sacks of chemical reactions simply reacting upon one another in hopes that eventually we might find a way for the majority of us to have the most possible food and sex or possibly to at least be the single one with these things. Yet time and time again we act as if this is not the case. We taut moral relativism while setting up governments, organizations and yes even religious processes by which to live. The reason is that innately we all know there is something more than this life. We know that eventually there will be beauty. Eternity is in our heart, yes but we have not the ability to fully fathom it. So you are presented with a choice. Faith or a rejection of what we know to be at the very least a shared otherness that still burns in the chest of all who would be human. The rub, the friction is that to take on the faith one must die to self and as we stated earlier that might mean missing out on some food and sex. So what is the problem? Western society has decided to attempt a stripping of all things that are other and what we are finding is that on the edge of the tear monsters are born.