## What is NaNoWriMo Well today I start on my fourth attempt at writing a book. Why tomorrow you ask? Well it is because tomorrow starts the month long event of NaNoWriMo an event where a mere mortal writes a 50K word book in a month. It seems like a bad idea honestly. However, it gives me a deadline and a word goal. For someone like me who has tried three times already and learned a lot each attempt I feel really good about this one. I have no idea how welcoming or inviting the NaNoWriMo community will be but I suppose I’m about to find out. ## What is the goal for me So in doing some math and working out a schedule. I would like to be done a few days early. This will help me account for any schedule shenanigans or circumstances throw at me. That means that I am aiming for an average 1851 words a day. So I will be aiming for 2000 words a day and that should get me there with time to spare. I have already worked out my characters, world, story arch and noodly bits. I have a 15K word outline that I have read twice and tweaked. It feels like it is all over but the crying and editing, also maybe some drinking … of coffee. ## What do I have to do to get there What does 2K words look like? Well it looks a lot like 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day of writing. What this means is that as soon as the kids go to bed each night I am writing till I hit my quota for the day. It also means that without fail this has to happen. I wrote a short story of about 2K words recently with little to no plan and it took me about 2 hours. I have a plan this time so I am really hoping that getting from point A to B will be quick and full of enjoyable tippity type sounds. It also means that I will have little else to talk about except what I am writing. ## See you on the other side of November The name of the book is Pathfinder: Affinity. As much as I would like to not write a series; in the planning of the book I feel that there is real potential for it. The book is a father son journey in a world of my creation that I am realizing as I write this I have not named yet. YEESH that is an over sight. Hylla! That is the name of the place that they live. Well at least that is what the people that live there call it. What do I hope comes out of this? I hope that maybe I will write a book and it will bring God glory and turn the hearts of the fathers to their sons. You can follow my progress on my blog and the handy dandy progress bar I have programmed at the top of the site. \[contact-form-7 id="3294" title="Pathfinder Updates"\]