## He Sat Crying He sat crying in the garage for a little while he cried. A mind like an otherworldly accuser constantly on him. You are always on the bad side of things. He is so young still in elementary school but he is smart. He can’t seem to shake the feeling that he is good enough or smart enough or able to make a friend. No matter how many friends he has he only ever has one friend. He cries. His Dad prays and wonders how to balance discipline for wrong behavior while preserving what little confidence he has. He seeks the face of God for his son for both his sons for his sons and daughter. ## The World Is So Noisy and My Head Buzzes Noise is more than just sound. It invades all our senses and addicts us to it’s constant buzzing. It can’t be shook and if you do shake it then your mind is left raw with it’s own thoughts. Your own thoughts can be healthy but they can also be like picking an open wound. In this we are broken as people. Ride in your car without the radio, sit on the toilet without something to read, or quietly sit and simply think no sound, noise or music. Maybe the loudest noise we inundate ourselves with today is social media and world events. There is something to be said about not knowing about things happening the second they happen. The noise is everywhere drowning out the deep thinking we need to do. My boy, me, everyone knows this desire to avoid silence and it is so easy to indulge it. ## The Crescendo My Dad always says about hiking that the first half is optional the last half is mandatory. On a hike there is usually a destination or there might be multiple destinations. Take a hike in Petit Jean State Park. If you hike to the falls then the crescendo of the hike is to see the falls. However if you hike to the Blue Hole there is no crescendo. There is no inspiring scenery at the end of that hike. However there is an option to continue on longer hikes. Some hikes have the crescendo of accomplishment. Something along the lines of hiking the Appellation trail. There is so much noise in this world that we have forgotten the crescendo of silence. You simply need to sit and push past the terrible crawling your brain does as you press deeper into that contemplation and once there rest. Rest deep in your own inner world. Meditate on what is pure, lovely, noble and admirable. If anything be excellent or praise worthy think on that. ## As Long As God Exists There is still light in this world. Back to my crying boy. I have a sincere prayer for the generation that currently call us Mom and Dad. There world is in so much turmoil and they have no idea. We shelter them and rightly so. We must however, teach them to think and not on everything that is terrible or fraught with difficulty and baggage but teach them to think upon God and his thoughts and wisdom. The reach connection will come when you realize that to do such a thing you must first learn to do it yourself. This is me right now learning to do this very thing. Photo by [Jeremy Thomas](https://unsplash.com/photos/rMmibFe4czY?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText)