## Is the drain really unclogged The week started normally enough Monday morning breakfast and work, then Crossfit. That is where things went a little askew from the normal grind. See a spur of the moment obstacle course and this old mans endocrine system aliened like the planets on some cosmic solstice. I felt spry and ready for the class and decided that a vigorous step up onto a thirty inch box was exactly what I wanted. So I went for it as I ascended the box my following foot went with me but then snapped into the hole that acts as a handle for the box. I was immediately thrown from the box with the momentum I was using to ascend it and crashed to the ground catching myself on all fours. I jumped up shook it off and felt I was okay. The sharp and nearly crippling pain shooting through my right leg sang a different ballad. I had really hurt myself. My big toe on my right foot is either severally traumatized or broken. Either way it is really bruised. It does not feel sore unless I try to utilize what big toes are used for which is terribly top of mind for me right now. ![](images/P8070098-1024x768.jpg) Then I try to unclog my drain in the kids bathroom. Bought myself a fancy new snake with a place to attach a drill and everything. I got my wife to run the drill and I fed the snake down the hole. BAM suddenly the drain was clear. Time to pull the snake out. I pulled hard, harder than I really wanted to considering the age of the house. The snake was stuck I had to cut my new snake from the drain and plan to remove it some other way. ## Life: The messiest of functions, the perfectionists personal vexation Life is a mess and I am the messiest. A rusting pair of pliers that my children used and then left to slowly decompose next to the back door attest to this. Mess; it is everywhere it creeps into every single corner of life. It is so prevalent, it is everywhere we look. Dare I say life in it’s function is messy. When a baby grows they make mess. When companies grow and learn they make mess. What I have found is that in the mess there is beauty. The mess would not exist if the progress was not being made. I do live a life surrounded by perfectionists and their personal vexation towards the mess is a mess in and of itself. As progress is made and more mess is created there is a sudden paralysis. The stopping to have a pow-wow about the mess. Discuss how the mess effects us. Maybe even rock in the corner or get angry and yell at everyone about the mess. My own personal response to the mess is to simply clean it up while we still move forward. ## Killed The Lord, Left For The New World To recap Monday broke toe, Tuesday clogged drain, Wednesday stuck drain snake, Thursday begin to clean the mess, Friday profit. In all this as it seems the world is burning around me I see something that has escaped me till this point in my life. Chances to be joyful in my mess, in the disorder that growth and change brings I can be so very happy. It makes little to no since unless you believe in God. Unless you have a parameter in your logic that stands heads above your own self focus. So I have killed the old lord and left for the new world. Even through the simple observations of the news and my everyday grind I can clearly see that the path that humanity is going is not good. It is over the cliff and I choose Joy, I choose God, I choose Jesus, I choose Truth and I choose you. I choose you, if your beliefs and rhetoric contradict the truth then I will tell you but I still choose truth. I also choose not to go over the cliff like the rest of humanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrL0uvjhq0M