Capacity is a wonderful word describing the maximum amount of; you name it. Circumstances is also a word that is used often when we can not say what it is that brought us here, "It is just our circumstances." Circumstances are like a wave that washes over our temporal experience they  can be good, bad or indifferent. Though they are usually tangible reflecting light so that we might see them. Their existence effervesces always in our minds and the physical plain. What about the unseen? What about what we can not see that does exist. Logic dictates that such an existence, exists. Materialism rejects it and nihilism suggests that even if it did exist it would be just as devoid of meaning as everything else. I recently heard a quote "If man does not believe in the supernatural then he automatically relies on the government for everything." Government is seen. You know what is not seen? The invisible God, faith, hope and love. Two of those people have real problems with, the other two they desperately desire yet no one can put those things in a test tube they can only demonstrate them.