I am inspired by narrative. How a story comes in and wraps you up in a feeling of knowing the characters and feeling the sweep of their lives. So let me drag into the light a story that is metaphorical. There once was a people in a society that was considered the best the world had produced thus far. It was not perfect but it was good despite the bad. The older people of this society became complacent and quite trying to have a good society. This showed up in how they raised their children or rather how they did not. The adults of this society spent their time working, gathering money and then used that money on things that allowed them to ignore their families and neighbors. There was never a great cataclysm that caused the society to crumble. It slowly rotted away as each progressive generation became more and more complacent. There was a group of people that wanted power more than anything and they were not complacent. They learned to manipulate each progressive generation one after another slowly changing their values and letting the goals of power and greed seep in. They created a problem for themselves. They must live in darkness, in obscurity because if they were to ever be seen in the light. They would be seen as they are and the generation that they have raised up are poised to tear them apart. Though they be complacent a single drop of blood in the water and they will swarm. The monsters have raised the wolves.