I recently went on a campaign to write in more locations than my personal blog and have been marginally successful. I just published an article on my home towns news papers website. It is the first one of hopefully many. This is the most nervous I have been about an article ever. > I think I have just the right solution. Societies grow from generation to generation. One generation gets old and passes the reigns of power off to the next and so on and so forth till we get to where we are right now. So the solution is simple! Raise your children! Put down the phone, close the laptop, turn off the news and TV; go for a walk. Talk to your children, ask them what they think and really listen. Then teach them what you think. Read it at the [Longview News Journal](https://www.news-journal.com/blogs/reader/entries/2017/apr/24/parenting-is-the-revolution/)