Every morning I awake to a fresh new day A gift from God in every way It is early and I step my feet to old carpet Avoid the spots I know are bad so I can ignore them The water comes on oh yeah the shower leaks under the tile So I smile and reach out with open arms towards God hoping for a lift Cast all my anxieties on him When they cling to me like they are hemmed into my skin How am I supposed to put down my age of 33 How it seems to arrived without fanfare or remorse. The first year where it is just another year. Or how I desire to be a great dad And how every time I loose my temper I have failed Or how I want to be a great husband But in my flesh and selfishness there are biting remarks Or how i want to be healthy But a doughnut can bring a man low Or how I want to be a leader for my family But the hardest person I have ever lead is me Or bare my desire to be an excellent employee When I realize the only person stopping me is me Or foster these children with care and kindness When I can't shake this selfish desire for accolades Or my weight, my libido waning, my financial straights, my concern for my friends, my utter lack of discipline, my fear that me and my wife are drifting apart Anxieties I got them in spades Fresh everyday God you want them I know you do But how do you cast them away I shake them loose But the buzz around me like wasps Here they are Lord guard this heart, gard this mind Maybe in time I will know the peace I want it to pass all my understanding not prideful just needy Even now part of me wants to settle into desperation Instead I will point to man's salvation So I blow on the coals of a willing spirit I raise my hands and let God hear it My worries, my silent anguish, my crushing loneliness I express your hand In my life How in hindsight I see your guidance I worship your blinding light and deep mystery I become a praying man I do not shut my mouth except to listen No I cast all my anxieties again and again I even write them down So for your glory others will know who saves this restless man