Where has your wonder gone? I feel it to, the tug of controversy and drama unfolding. Who will win? It is the same thing you find in high school popularity. The problem with this kind of entertainment is where it leads us. We are all in the arena all of us gladiators and once the dust has settled some of us will be dead. So the question I ask is one that I have yet to see asked. The people around us, are they important? Do you look into the eyes of someone who does not agree with you and ask why? Not so that you can crush them in the debate, rather that you might understand them. I could make a case all day long for morality. It is an argument that should be made, but no one will hear unless there is understanding. What I see is us putting up barriers to understanding every day. You can’t understand me because I have experienced X and you have experienced Y and these things can never be reconciled. This is ridiculous. We are human! Our blood is pumped by a heart. Our brains produce the same chemicals. Our nervous systems produce the same electrical pain as the rest. The greatest barrier is a perceived lack of common ground. A reduction of truth in society and a rejection of error mean that at some point if there can be no truth and no right and wrong then there can be no understanding. Here is the common ground here lies the point at which we can all touch. We all are humans, that white guy is a human, that black guy is a human, we are all humans. We all operate under a set of reasons and realizations. A person believes a thing, and it is their right to believe it. The wonder in people comes when we decide to try and understand them ourselves without abandon our own beliefs or demanding that someone abandon theirs. Maybe it is time to try and understand. Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues.