## ![The Mindful Man](images/nature-sky-sunset-man-1024x683.jpeg) ## All the while atheism New age metaphysics tells with such subtle and soothing tones, “Your world is what you think it is.” You are what you make yourself. All the while atheism and humanism tells us that free will is an illusion, and we are all cast into the sea of chance and biology, which is of itself the results of chance. Then we have the constant stream of media flowing into our phones, televisions, computers and papers highlighting the constant lies and injustice that we wreak upon each other. But hey! Our world is what we make of it the product of blind chance. The mind of man is plagued by an imbalance. Reality wars with ideals and the unseen wars with the seen and in the middle is man picking and choosing what seems right to him at the time. An ominous verse in the Bible states: > In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit. Judges 21:25. If you have read anything before that you know exactly where this kind of thinking got that civilization. Even now as I consider the ever-widening divide between people as they are driven along by convenience and immediacy, my heart breaks a little. What will my children inherit? ## There is a tree There is a tree though a tree that is man's life and its branches and wood are the hardened past ever widening ever stretching out tips and each direction twist and turn is a decision made never to be undone only to be pressed forward into the air. If man’s life is the tree then what is the ground from which water is drawn and sap produced? It is your mind! Your mind is yours, and you need to succumb to its every tendency. Man will find something to worship. Always there is worship in man’s heart. Some worship self while other worship frail others that will let them down. Some worship their broken pasts paying homage to their memory by driving further into the darkness. Some worship life itself drinking deep of every pleasure only to find at the end we all die the same. Worship is part of us it is who we are humans bow the knee, learn, and obsess over something. So if our minds are the ground for a tree forever growing into our the future and leaving the past forever set in wood with permanency what do we do. Machines only work right when used for their intended purpose. So if man will worship something then what will he worship?Humanists say ourselves and society; atheists say nothing and in turn worship their reasons for not worshiping, spiritualists tell you to worship the universe for it gives and takes; many would have you worship politics and causes. I say that man is made for the worship of God and God alone. Our minds are there to be instruments of this worship. The man should drive the craving not the other way around. In this writing, in this expressing of thought, I have partaken in the worship of God.