![A gift of grapes](images/food-healthy-man-person.jpg) Everything goes wrong from time to time. A conversation, relationship, parenting. Sometimes it goes terribly wrong. Life changing, soul-crushing, slipping off into the void wrongness. Sometimes things just grate nothing is terrible it’s the gears, they are being ground into powder. Like someone through salt water on the machinery of life and didn’t hose it down. A slow rusting. What do you do when this happens. Where do you turn when it all doesn’t work. This question I have asked myself many times this month. When I do not get along with my oldest or my youngest throws a fit. Maybe my wife and I aren't getting along or all this exercising I am doing doesn’t seem to amount to a hill of beans; I could list all the problems out here and make myself feel better but what would be the point? I might as well yell into an already noisy room. The thing God reminds me of is, it is all a gift. Every single bit of it is a gift. All the pleasure all of the pain, none of it was mine when I started, it is all given to me. A grand exchange of reality, I have the fortune to participate in. From finite circumstance and uncontrolled persons to finite circumstance and uncontrolled persons, all created by God for his purpose of glorifying himself. How dare I feel otherwise. Everything is a gift even the pain. It is ours to feel it is ours to observe, and it is our choice to grow or sink. Everything is a gift even you.