![Home made mayo](images/IMG_20160601_191827-1024x1024.jpg) Today I have embarked upon a challenge of sorts. Having infiltrated what I can only surmise is a cult called CrossFit (k-ros-ph-it) I have been challenged to give up sugar as a right of passage. I will be keeping this journal to document my experience and findings. If I happen to pass away or slip into madness, maybe this will stand as a warning at the gate. Do not pass through here stay on your white horse named Glucose and ride back to The Land of Pancakedom. If I survive, I will have gained valuable knowledge of this organization. I also made a terrible discovery my mayo has soybean oil in it; no sugar but soybean oil. If I am to complete the rites of passage, I must relinquish my mayo. This is not good. I will have to create some mayo in the lab tonight. I wonder if my children will be interested in participating. The Mayo creation went well. Though I have quite a way to go before I can make Mayo that is as fluffy as what you buy at the store. **I will be using several metrics to rate my experience.** - Sugar Amount (this will be the grams of sugar I consumed that day.) - Mental State (one to two words describing my current state.) - Current Weight - Any withdrawal symptoms ## No Sugar Metrics - Sugar Amount 0 grams - Mental State: Clear with trepidation - Current Weight: 304 lbs - Any withdrawal symptoms: None