![city-crossing-crossroad-traffic](images/city-crossing-crossroad-traffic-1024x680.jpg) The smallest unit is the most important piece of any physical structure. Imagine a building made of steel beams and rivets when suddenly the molecular bonds that hold the atoms together come undone, this holds true for so many things. It holds true for relationships. The smallest part of society, culture, community, and relationships is the individual. When the individual falls apart, then everything else does too. ## Imagine the world without the individual No government, family, relationship or society could exist without the individual. Sure, we could not war with each other for even that is a relationship, but we could not love as well. There are so many causes that people champion now a day's political parties are religion and science is philosophy, and philosophy is anarchy all the while the individual ignores the very building block that makes these things worth championing. The individual has failed. The individual has lost calibration to a degree which is causing our governments, societies, and communities to collapse all the while the individual blames these structures that they are a part of. It’s like iron blaming the gate for rusting. There is one more that the individual blames; other individuals. You hurt me the individual cries or you can’t think that way or believe that way. On and on the individual goes never asking if the individual itself is calibrated correctly. Only a properly calibrated individual can help another individual. The only way to calibrate anything is if there is a template or design by which properness can be measured. This individual says that the individual has abandoned its designer and thusly abandoned all other individuals, all things that it cares for, hopes for and itself. ## Right The Course, Lock Eyes With The Vision, and Lock Hands With Who You Are. You individual are more than your impulses, more than your cravings and more than the material you are made of. You are more than the night of sexual release that gave you form. You were considered before the laying of this present realities foundations. There is something you are not more than. Your purpose is so much bigger than you. You are the smallest unit and if you fail how can your purpose be fulfilled or enjoyed. You may be the smallest, but all individuals must work together. A single body, society, a culture where the smallest unit is for the smallest unit and the smallest unit takes responsibility.