What is significance? Sometimes we leave such speculations to the university learned or the clergy. In today’s world, we rarely embark on the adventure of discovering anything. We feel that we have to be qualified or learned. The truth falls somewhere in between. In our adventures of discovery, we become qualified. It occurs that the decision on significance is better handled in the hands of those that would live a life outside of pure learning. I am a web developer and father, yet I write and think as often as I can. The reason for this is less so that someone might read it and I thus benefit financially or that maybe I might become famous; rather I desire to have deep conversations and to encourage myself. In truth, I have found that my mundane life has produced an ear for the hum of the universe. Oh, what a hum it is. I have heard the stories of people that started so far at the bottom as to have been nearly one with the molten core of the planet. Then they were redeemed by God raised up and given a mantel, a testimony. What glorious testimony! I have found myself growing up in an age where I am simply mundane. A white male in a monogamous marriage, raising my children and working my job, landing me squarely on the bedrock of the middle class. Significance; is there significance enough for me? Does the universe swirl and sing of God’s glory even to me? I have not delved into the heart of darkness as dramatically as others, yet I have sipped its smooth dark liquid my whole life. I needed a savior too, and no amount of social unrest, racial privilege, political learning, humanistic philosophy or “scientific” guess work can change that. Jesus Christ died for even me. He died for all of us. No matter how deep the world says our depravity, we have all been evenly coated with the taint of sin. It is a pathogen whose vector is the human soul. So in my utter mundane, boring existence I will point to the most significant, fantastic and glorious reality. H.P. Lovecraft just thought he captured nihilism. The truth is far more glorious and full of profound, mysterious significance. Enough for us all.