Inspiration, clarity, something to keep you going. Human love is funny, you can give and give and eventually you have poured out everything you have and all that is left is the muddy silt at the bottom. The muddy silt of compliments and servitude with a veiled attitude of bitterness. Our love does not refill itself, in the same way, we don’t keep on going with boundless unstoppable energy without falling unconscious or needing to eat. As a parent of children who must bee viewed from a heavenly perspective, I have found that it is so critical to take care of myself as well as them. John Piper once described his morning routine as concentric circles. First, you wake and take care of yourself in prayer and health. This way you have something to give those around you. I don’t know what this might look like for you. For me, it has seemed like a routine and asking for help. My routine and prayers start with something I need. When I pray, I start with myself, offering God praise in the way that only I can, then confession of my sins and ask for forgiveness requesting and beseeching God for what is needed. Then I move out to the next layer, I pray for and about my wife, then my children, then my church and family, then my job and on out. The other thing I have implemented is a routine with things I enjoy. First, I spend an evening reading, the next I write and after that video games; then I start the process over again. Usually, I would try to draw some deep thought out of this but really I think the principle is plain. You are finite. God made you that way and then gave you one a single purpose to glorify Him in everything you do. You can’t do that unless you are connected to the source and obeying Him. Sometimes that obedience looks like a little “r and r. “