> A sin-eater is a person who, through a ritual meal, takes on the sins of a household, often because of a recent death, thus absolving the soul and allowing that person to rest in peace. In anthropology and the study of folklore, sin-eating is classified as apotropaic ritual\[1\] and a form of religious magic. - Wikipedia \[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sin-eater\] Sin-eating full of folklore, paganism, and has no biblical foundation at all, however; I feel that the idea has a parallel in fostering. When you take children into your home, you take all of their baggage, wrongs, past and illnesses. There is a resolution that must come for any person to be able to shoulder such things. It is a resolution that mortal man can not produce. That resolution must be willing and able to say "no matter what I will shoulder your hurts, your wrongs, your past and help you forge a future out of that." It is a resolution that must stem from the supernatural working of God. That resolution is a commitment to redemption. Redemption is a mysterious thing to me. It takes whatever given and returns exactly what is needed. It is a system of divine machinations that truly says "forget what is behind pressing forward. " What kind of creatures are we that God would be mindful enough of us that he would sacrifice event a tiny bit of his divine trinitarian relationship to stoop down, condescend in power and form and then stretch out his hands hold our sins and die. Jesus is the Sin Eater He is the sanctifier. The gnashing of his teeth was the crushing of death and his final cry "it is finished" gave way to The Way. His resurrection is our redemption. If we are called to take up his cross surely, our little ones will benefit from our redemption. > **Lyrics from the Song Redeemed by Propaganda -** > > My efforts sandcastles that just wait for beaching waters Until I heard who wrote my life, and saw that Jesus was the author See, a bastard is robed in curses, what man has disposed as worthless God chose to bestow a purpose, His show’s when they close the curtains He blows on His coals of words, in our bellies they glow a furnace The soul of a person that knows that he’s purchased will explode in worship > > I hear stories that have passed, His invitations, trash the antiques, past parade a pageant of his graces > > Epistles of bone believe his blood is active validation > > Weigh your faults against the cross and see who has enough to pay them Remember when you stumble in your mission to show these children that God loves them, redemption is at your heals. When they look back at their past and find it eventually swallowed in the swirling void of God's forgotten sin they will indeed explode in worship.