I often sit and remember my son as a baby, one to two years old. Just full of wonder and whimsy. The thing that this does in me surprises me. I can feel my longing to see him. To see his smile again. Maybe to remind him that he is dearly loved. This is not something you have with your foster and adoptive children. You might have some very painful first memories. Like the time you called me fat, told me you hoped I would die and that when I go to sleep tonight you are going to kill your real son. ## ... Those are hard memories. (shrugs) What you do have is vision. Vision that can see these children and your own for who they are and could become more of. See the swirling galaxies in their varied arrays in the heavens and know that the same voice that called those into existence called you and your challenging little one from the darkness of nonexistence into the fabric of creation. Look really closely it's there! The swirling galaxies of your own child's potential, the hand of God is still on the pen of their life, the words are flowing freely from the ink to the paper. God is caught up in the story that is your child. He is bringing plot points and circumstances together in his purpose and destiny. He ties it together in a resounding chorus that verberates in the same nuclear bonds that hold your smallest parts together. And the chorus says GLORY to God in the highest. Rember all that has been said before about who your child is; applies to you as well. Redemption is real you need only look.