\[vc\_row full\_width="stretch\_row" content\_placement="middle" css=".vc\_custom\_1458051052615{background-image: url(http://www.aaronblakeley.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/msp\_0601\_2840.jpg?id=596) !important;}"\]\[vc\_column\]\[vc\_column\_text\] ## That precious voice of the Gospel that creates not only the universe but paves a path for us to follow that voice. \[/vc\_column\_text\]\[/vc\_column\]\[/vc\_row\]\[vc\_row\]\[vc\_column\]\[vc\_column\_text\]The Gospel is the most wonderful of realities we humans can ever discover the truth we seek. We all feel it the stirring of Good and Evil, right and wrong so what other reality could be satisfying. Jesus Christ met the messianic prophecies perfectly proving that he was indeed the weaver of reality, Yahweh, Elohim in the flesh. Then as if that was not enough He allowed abuse of the highest order, allowed himself to be executed innocent and then God crushed him. All our sins heaped upon him an agony greater than hell itself then he died. That is only the half three days later. The crushed and dead son of God rose from his grave, by his power. The one who gave life proved he had the authority to lay it down for us and then take it up again. Then by his own personal and gracious choice he made a decree a decree in the same voice that the universe was spoken into existence with the same breath that sent the planets spinning about their axis and propelled human history into its early steps. "Any who believe in me and call upon my name shall be saved." The opportunity is there for eternal life wreathed in the love of God himself if you only believe in Jesus and call upon his name as Lord and master. That precious voice that creates not only the universe but paves a path for us to follow that voice.\[/vc\_column\_text\]\[/vc\_column\]\[/vc\_row\]