Offense is a funny thing. It has crept into every aspect of life. It is no longer fashionable to be white or male, though the idea that it could have been fashionable in the first place is a wonder. So we are offended deeply by many things always demanding that the world conforms to some easy chair style pattern for just one person. Then there are the children of such a society. Broken, hurt and hungry because the adults that are supposed to be "adulting" are instead outraged by the smallest little thing. Is it small? I don't know anymore. Some of the outrages seem important, misguided or downright comical. Though those that bear the outrage would argue that their point of view is the most significant point of view. Isn't that the problem with the currently outraged masses. Their parents were too busy being oppressed and outraged that they failed to raise children that could rise above such subtle poison. So who's fault is it? No ones, everyone's, seems to be the most appropriate answer. When the answer is so nebulous, the answer is, it's yours. Whoever has the power at the moment to break the cycle and get back to the business of having a family and raising kids that don't act as we have a tendency to act, to raise kids who are noble, that group is the offending party. So look in the mirror and take it personally.