So it is happening, the first set of foster children we have helped are finishing their cases and going home. All have been wonderful kids that I am so thankful came to live with us for a time. Others have been more challenging than others. Out of these lives we have had an astonishing opportunity to touch, comes something new. A mixture of emotions, terribly sad and joyously relieved is a blend I am finding hard to palate. What am I to do? Rejoice! Rejoice in that for, however, long it may be a family is reunited. Rejoice that two lives have been touched and maybe just maybe they will remember the love and respect you have had for them. Rejoice in the brief moment of rest we will be allowed before we elect to start the cycle again. Lament with tears at the pain of a small part of our heart leaving. Lament at the pain we know our own child will feel. Lament at the dreams and visions we had for those beloved children will unfold away from our sight. Lament that we feel a sense of relief. Finally, I will drink deep of this. Because not many taste of this strange and complex mixture and though it has tonnes that are unpleasant, those that choose to drink of it for the sake of others need each other.