Morning peeked in through the window. Mother and son had been carrying on their conversation for a few minutes “Child the whole world will say that what happened was simple science. That the rocket was caught in a solar flare or passed through a pocket of cosmic radiation. They will fire up their colliders and erase their chalk boards. Then they will do good science. Their science will be profound it will be full of facts and math. The problem is their science cannot tell us what is valuable. Eventually the what we say when that rocket took its trip across our blue sky will be steeped in fairy tales. If what we saw is true then everything we have been believing for the past few generations is wrong. We are wrong! And we have got to change. We saw a glimpse of truth and it scared us. Scared the smartest among us the most,” she said looking at him with big wide eyes. The son wrinkles his chin “Mom?” He says. “Yes son,” she responds. “What does it mean?” came his question with his six year old furrowed borrow. With a sigh she says, “Well baby it means that I am very sorry. Eventually you and your friends will have to decide where we go from here. Take it from me, let truth and love be your guide. One without the other is a wild drug. “ Perking up with a smile he exclaimed, “Do you remember the colors and the way they looked. All shiney and new like they had never played in the dirt.” Leaning back and clasping her hand mother says, “Yes I do! those, well, what would you call them?” “Stars!” He says. Smiling she says, “Stars they are then. Those stars were bright and boy did they look surprised up there, reading their books. I wonder what they are talking about now?” “I don’t think they talk mom. I think they sing.” He says. “Really! Well I had not thought about that!” Pausing and glancing at her watch “Well get your shoes on it’s time for church.” She says. “AWWWW do we have to go to church? “ He whines. “Now, more than ever. Remember truth and love. Now get you shoes on.” she says pointing to their resting place next to the couch. “Mom?” He asks. “Yes?” She responds. “Were they angels?” He asks. “No baby they were not. Remember truth, AND love. Now let’s get ready. “ She answers