Ate my lunch as quick as I could. I should not have put tabasco on the meat loaf. The problem I am having right now is that every-time I sit down to work on this I have no direction. In response, I have created a project in Todoist. The next few "development sessions" will really be project management. I will be gathering a list of all the things I can see that need to be done, in order to have a viable project to launch. Admittedly, it is a little defeating, wanting to write code and see features come to life but instead creating lists within lists. To write code you have to have direction. I think this applies to a lot of things. Project management has defiantly made me a better developer, it has also made me a better author, reader, husband, father and all around decent human. I suppose God knew what he was doing when he sent me into the dessert of my career. As a side note for personal project management. [Todoist is an excellent too]( I suppose these development logs will also be a good place to explain what, and why I am doing this. I have wanted to be an author for a while. I have started at least three novels and written lost and rewritten several dozen short stories. The problem I have is time. I struggle balancing the time needed to do those things and the more important non negotiables in life,God, Family, and sleep. In my despair, I prayed and rummaged around in some old journals and pulled out the concept of Niblit. This idea was born a little less than two years ago. It has a double edged sword. The project plays to my strengths development and project management while challenging some weaker areas, marketing and sticktoitness. My hope for the outcome at least in my personal life is that having something that generates even a small amount of revenue will net me more time to do things I love (writing, creating). It will make me a better employee because I have touched many facets of business and it will give me a platform to promote my own creative efforts. What I hope it does for the customers is: give Independent authors a place to promote their books, meet each other, and lend credit to their own creative efforts. I want to make being an independent self publishing author a thing of nobility in popular culture while (hopefully) inspiring a new generation of literates and literaries. _I know I make up words ... What of it?_