For many months, I have struggled with all of the feel good ear tickling christianity that permeates the culture. What I see is good intentions, beating hearts, rushing blood and overwhelming senses of justice. Yet an almost complete disregard for who God is. We seek to define God on terms that are comfortable and fit within our own preferences. We flit back and forth between extremes: "Love everyone we cry ," it is truth but not the whole truth. "Hate the sin," we cry but it is not the whole truth. "Jesus forgave us, so we forgive,” ha, love but not all of it! "You can point out no wrongs, or do anything in the name of Christ,” ah, yet another extreme. “Left wing, Right wing Jesus loves one or the other,” not even trying. “Follow Christ and your life will be easy and you do not have to change,” lies again. “Be true to yourself,” how can you be true to yourself when you can’t even decide between right and wrong. The old self idolization stands tall. It breaks my heart to see so many brothers, sisters and humans let their passion be twisted and distorted to a thin veneer of truth over a mass of lies. Truly there can be no genuine love or truth in that. So we rail against one another. Name calling, protesting, riots and vigilante justice are the order of the day. With all of that one could wonder when we find the time to even practice the brand of christianity we prefer that week. Truly man does what is right in his eyes and the net gain is blood shed. Communities are broken or engineered to break, never organic or purposeful. Science screams at religion, "your God is dead join us in our animality." Religion screams legalism and blind reason at science, “Abandon your God given minds and join us in our agenda fuled rule following." Yet they are bed fellows, past lovers. Permissive self worship masquerading as love cries out, "accept one another be kind and do what you think is right. Judge not lest ye be judged.” Bigotry, hate and legalism posing as truth screams, "break yourself upon my rocks that you might be remade. as yet another stone upon which to break others." Yet there can not be love without truth. Love is the lighthouse on the rocks of truth. It guides you safety to the shores of truth where the craggy cliffs protect and shelter. So where is God? Has he abandoned us? Has he placed our crib on the edge of the cliff and called the north and south wind to rock us with all their intensity. Maybe, but if your quite, If you close your mouth, shut your eyes and plug your ears; so you might hear yourself. What you find is deep black fatigue. All your mental clawing, all your raising of voice, all your activism, political bending, social networking and agenda fuled entertainment has been nothing more than a trip; being drug behind an untamed horse as it shows you the rocky sharp landscape of history repeating itself. The only thing left is fear and it is a powerful fuel. ## As for me I long for a safe place to rest to drink deep the well of love and truth. To open my mind and heart to God and science. To serve my neighbor and reject sin and evil. To see all people as equal and humbly submit to authority. To gain health and prosperity while emptying my veins for the poor and destitute. To look a human in the eye and say I love you let us walk together. To receive that humans answer both positive or negative and there be no stones thrown. To see man locked arm and arm under the protective wing of the almighty. I long for logic, reason and faith. Oh dear Lord to live a life of balance and consistency. When I muse and meditate on such things what I see is this. God revealed in three persons holy, righteous, wrathful, just, coming in judgment and victory. Before him the mountains of mind and matter melt. His mystery and power are so deep that there is no end to what can be experienced of him. Yet I see still, unconditional abiding love as intense as creation itself, mercies as wide as the universe, forgiveness as swift as light and grace that would overflow the oceans and drown the nation's. How can this be? How can the lion be the lamb? Because God is in balance. So I go, this is God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy spirit I worship. He calls himself I Am and I follow.