Today I am here peaceful Tomorrow i am a slave to financial Now I sip in a stream near the open planes Later I wonder through the desert forgetring my name This evening I write about beauty in explicitly In the morning I will hammer logic in electricity My feet are amoung the living in a moment I among the dead waiting Focus, Focus, Focus, Simplicity Simplicity i cry out in a moment of clarty and fog. Who am I supposed to be if not all of these things. How am I supposed to bear purpose without focus without simplicity. Am I not cast about by the complexity, rabbit trails, demands, details, schedules, progress and and and. Make money, accomplish feats, do this, so that you one day might, do that, before the grave. Oh lament my mind of water and frailty. For I love the light but practise the dark ... or nothing at all? No! Light breaks on the dawn and though distractions and sin may batter my boat on its course. May I be cast on the seas for the one who made them guides me.