I have had the privilege of adding to the list of people I have worked with, someone versed in SEO. I have been a proponent for Content Strategy for some time now and for the most part have shunned SEO in favor of the latter. The conversations we have been having have really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about the websites. Things that I have thought but never really voiced or matured the idea. Recently he said, "What is the point of having a great site with excellent content if no one can find it?" As much as I would like to think that there is some correlation between awesome content and people actually searching for a service you provide and finding you, there is a very small correlation. Google would have us think the same thing but others have proved that traditional SEO still has a [overwhelming effectiveness](http://www.viperchill.com/dark-seo/ "Dark seo"). This morning as I was thinking on the day I came back to that conversation. It occurred to me that Content Strategy fills another role in this equation. Now that they are here, what now? Combining the effectiveness of traditional SEO with the architecture and insights that content strategy can bring makes so much since. Neither provide a full picture of the web but the two together can make the goals of your website that much easier to achieve. In this metaphor, SEO lays the path to the door of your business and content strategy streamlines the sale.