I wanted to preface this article with a warning I am pretty passionate about this subject so it might get a little preachy. I have served in children's ministry in some capacity for nearly 10 years. It has been more than a preoccupation it has been a life choice and ministry. I have seen great triumph in the lives of the children I have had the privilege to know, as well as utter tragedy. I have tried to get out several times but have been lead by God right back in to it. This last time I surrendered. This has been an excellent decision and one of the few that I have fully complied within the will of God. I have tried multiple times to recruit a few people and I see an uprising of wonderful people who are looking to help in this area. Recently I have heard several reasons for why Children's Ministry was just not for them. Some of them are legitimate others are not. I am not really going to  address those. I want to cast a vision as to why Children's Ministry is a place you need to serve at the very least, for a time. ### It's Terrifying Tiny minds are so ... malleable and soak up every little thing you say. In addition to this wonderful property, they will ask the tough questions. "If God is the father and Jesus the son but they are the same person then .... how does that work?" No lie this is a question I have been asked. It challenged me to do two things deal with my own fears of not knowing something and make sure that I answer with truth, honesty and with the intention of stewarding the minds and hearts of these little ones. The Bible tells me if I intentionally lead one of these astray then I will have to account for this. It's okay to say you don't know but that you will find out. It is also okay to ask someone yourself. You can show the wonder of discovery to them by learning with them the truth. So with integrity and a knowledge of the basics you are well equipped to serve in Children's Ministry. ### Higher Commitment There are very few areas in the church that will ask for a commitment like Children's Ministry. We are building relationships and friendships with these kids ones that allow us to speak directly into their lives. More than that we seek to partner with parents so that they have people they can turn to help them love their children. At our church we have baby dedications where we all stand to let the parents know that they have an entire church to help raise their kids. I'm not saying that Children's Ministry is the only place that it happens, I will say it is our very purpose. ### It's Fun Go Ahead Sow Seeds This is the part I think people miss. We talk so much about the challenges because we want people to have an understanding of what exactly they are walking into. There is this other side that shines so brightly it makes EVERY single challenge that comes your way worth it. Christ has given us license to love these kids unconditionally. This is fun and liberating. Also you are sowing seeds in the kingdom of God. We talk a lot about financial investment but think about the implications of relational investment. These kids will come to know you, love you, and trust you. The parents will love that there are trust worthy adults and youth about, that stop and not necessarily say hi to them but kneel down and look their child in the eye and say, "come with me lets go worship." What a blessing to an entire family. You will be freeing the parents to focus solely on their own worship and you will be giving the kids a place and an environment that they can grow freely in. ### The Main Reason This is where my own heart pumps blood and purpose. This is the vision and the direction. In the Bible Jesus the creator of the universe said “The harvest is great, but the workers are few." Matthew 9:37. In East Texas and many places, the constant designation people give them selves is Christian whether they are or are not. They tend to feel that because of the exposure they have had to it they are covered by some prayer or from family linage. This makes witnessing difficult at times and honestly makes authentic relationships with Christ hard to find in among the populace.  However, in the Church there is a concentration of non believers that would defy most peoples imaginations. A truly bountiful harvest ripe and ready, except the workers are few. That is the children. Every single child is born into the curse of sin and death. They need someone to show them the way. Mom and Dad are doing their best and often that is all it takes, but how much more effective are we when we raise children as a village instead of a single autonomous family units. If you are at all interested in reaching people and building lives I can point you to the place where you will be able to do it with ease. It may be challenging at times but even with a hint of a smile on your face and a touch of patience with a dash of whimsy you will be effective. > Th largest population of unbelievers in our midst whose potential far out weighs your own is the children. \--- END TRANSMISSION ---