![wpid-wp-1403697970906.jpeg](images/wpid-wp-1403697970906.jpeg) I recently was talking with a friend whom I respect. He is an entrepreneur of sorts and was encouraging me to take the skill set I have and parlay that into a small business for myself. I have really wanted to start my own business for some time and I saw his point. I could take the few skills I have and the knowledge base and have about 2-3 guaranteed clients. The trouble is the things I do now as my work I really enjoy but would make big changes to the capacity that I do them in if they were for my own business. The clients I would have would want me to simply pick up where I left off and as much as I love serving them within an entity I think I would be doing them a disservice if I took them on as my own clients. Relaying my fears to my friend he told me I did not sound like an entrepreneur. He is right. I don't sound like today's badge of honor type entrepreneur I am not opportunistic or simply out to make money. Something about that really rallies against who I am. What does appeal to me is two fold. I love being part of a team. So I believe I will be for sure moving back into an employee role. However, I realize I spend my free time poorly and that is stopping. I have been weening myself off of things that don't matter doing more of the things that do and not sweating the small stuff. I want to see my family more independent in many ways, not just financially. I am still feeling out how that looks but with fostering on the horizon and perhaps a change of roles in other areas of my life things are looking up. No I am not your traditional entrepreneur and I may never be as "successful" as one may expect such a person to be. I will however, touch a hand full of lives, be happy, bring glory to God, and the whole "success" thing is yet to be determined.