We humans dream of worlds and machinations of fantastic brilliance. We crave wonder so deeply it drives some of us to extremes of living. Yet readily available to us is a God of terrible and wonderful power. So powerful is he that for him to show himself to us would be death. If he were to appear in full glory before all men then we would only be able to bow our knee and declare that his is indeed Lord. All free will would be stripped away. The free will that was his first gift to us. Yet the only thing that exceeds his overwhelming power, perfect justice and fantastic complexity is his all-encompassing simple love. It is so great that God has been described as love. No secret hidden from man could be more pleasant to our fragile lives. Yet more is shown to us. In Christ a way was opened to us who do not love, that we might enjoy the love of God for all eternity. This is sweet madness, how could such fortune beset us. Praise you Lord there are no words or human expression that could express fully this wonderful reality.