The daylight flowed through the large windows of the air port. The blue sky framed the white clouds and planes that transversed its endless expanse. Loved ones lifted into the sky by air pressure and speed. There had been murmurings in the tabloids about a new weapon. The tabloids no one really listens to them. These murmurings were listed alongside new fresh sightings of bat boy which called all of the rumors into question. On the plane as it gained altitude so did the fears of all those on board. A man stood in the middle of the aisle he wore a normal business suite and was clean-shaven. The only thing that should have cause an alarm was the largest pair of red clown shoes a single person could get through security with, adorning his feet. He screened out some gibberish about how we will all pay for the laughter and then pressed the red button that was in his hand. A signal ran down the wire into what was concealed in his blazer. The people in the air port heard what sounded like a balloon popping and instead of fire, bodies and derby the plane and all its occupants were replaced with confetti and balloons. It slowly fell to earth a huge cloud of colored pieces of paper. Balloons rose into the stratosphere. In the air port the silence was broken by low sobs and the beginnings of a slow clap.