Tammy Pusher sat staring longingly out of the window. The wind blew their tall grass in waves across the lawn. She always wanted a nice lawn but with everything she did with the kids she never had the time or energy. The trash sat overflowing in its can, just another thing that she did not have the energy to do. Nothing would please her more than to have someone cut her lawn and give her a back rub. She could feel the muscles tighten at the sound of the kids needing feeding again. "Mommy Mommy Mommy" they cried. She loved them both dearly but she could barely muster the will, to feed herself let alone them. In the hall she could see the still silhouette of her husband. Back from his "hard" days work. He had one of these jobs where he was needed and his skill level demanded full-time pay but the work load was very light. He sat still and silently. Like a dear in a meadow hoping that the predator might pass by. Since they had been married Harvey had been notoriously lazy. **Doing anything it took to not have to do anything**. "Harvey!" she said semi angrily but mostly desperate. "Please could you make the kids some dinner? I am so tired and could use a break" There were a few moments of silence Harvey stood up and walked into view standing in the hall. He gave her the not really kind of busy shrug. She responded with the, look at these hungry children hand gesture and do this now you lazy jerk eyes. Harvey closed his eyes and slowly bowed his head. Took a deep breath and with only a few seconds of straining he burst into flames. Anything she muttered to her self