It had been "mid day" since I opened my eyes. I love the morning but mid day had over took the morning while riding a rocket made of large rat bones. It smelled like lemons. At work I had been chipping away at the solid block of obsidian that is my email when I found a client request with a deadline of today. I have always treated the people I manage with respect and kindness. I knew they had my back so I tried to always have theirs. I burst into John's office "John I know you have a lot on your plate but I need this client file resolved by the end of the day!" A sharp tink sound came from John and the high pitch wine of a dog whistle suddenly stopped. I had not noticed it before it was gone. John stared at me for two seconds with wide eyes and the "I'm listening" half-smile. A drop of blood made a lazy trip from his left nostril to the corner of his mouth. I backed slowly out of his office and closed the door. John was stressed too.