There is a nerdcore rap artist named M.C. Frontalot and he has a song about all those adults and semi adults who dress up as super heroes and comic book characters at conventions. I believe the phrasing goes something like: > they’ll tell you what the lifestyle’s about. With the purrs and growls, and the scent of upholstery. Even though they’re all on display, I think mostly these ones found invisibility spell. Can’t see who they really are at all. Oh well. That has always struck me as very poignant. It takes a whole lot of courage to become a Christian and it takes even more to stay that way. Everyday more and more society's moral sea which is not my own attempts to erode the shore and rock by which I live my life. My ideals and morals can not change because by changing them according to my connivence or society's whim I call God a lier. I don't think that says that I have it all right though it just places a marker on the source from which my beliefs flow. With that said I think it also calls us to live boldly and to call others despite their belief to live boldly. Never to live invisible like some kind of secret Christian or secret anything. Sure some that would call themselves Christians give us a bad name but if we live in the open, how God calls us to, then they will be shown for the frauds they are. Debate the issues at hand with love, gentleness and respect. Seek truth. If we all sought truth in love instead of constantly nit picking these tiny issues. Then a lot of this, I would say 90% of the social issues of today would solve themselves.