It has been interesting watching my son learn how to read. He has whined and complained about every aspect of reading. He does not want to sound out letters or memorize his sight words. In contrast to this he has shown huge leaps in comprehension and a deep interest in any story you tell him. TV and video games do not hold his attention like someone reading to him. This is happening along my own struggles with reading. I love reading and assimilating knowledge. However it takes me a while to read. I am the quintessential slow reader. I feel I must read every word carefully and understand its meaning. That is how I approach the world looking at the big picture and then drilling down into the details. That is why I like reading every good book has a few chapters up front where you are presented with the over arching concept that the following text will tackle. I think that is where Gideon and maybe your kid is at they understand the importance of reading but would like to enjoy the fruits of learning how to read without the work of it.