Forgive Me

Forgive Me

|Christianity|Aaron Blakeley

Forgive Me - The Daily Haiku - Aaron Blakeley Writer Poet

Forgiveness is something that we take for granted both in the giving and receiving. I often feel a pang of guilt for things I have done in the past. Coarse words or biting comments come back to haunt me. It is in these moments that I have to realize that God has forgiven me and I need not hold myself condemned. I have been forgiven and so should forgive even myself.

Photon Release – A Poem

Light has metaphor

|From Excited Atoms|Aaron Blakeley

Photon Release - A Poem by Aaron Blakeley

Heat applied to an atom Excited movement and photon release Light erupts from the source It travels so fast, faster than anything Faster than me, you, truth We are gifted sight The photons they collide with retinas Sparking mind with vision Seeing truth, reality, and a million ricochets Light has metaphor Truth collides with reality Exciting reality and erupting in light Faster than me, you, it is truth In this world we will have trouble ...

Saved From The Mediocre

It seems paltry and condescending to say that I believe. God exists and operates well outside of my will. I could no more say he did not exist, and Jesus was not his son, and that statement be the truth than I can snuff out the sun with words.

|The Only Thing Good In Me|Aaron Blakeley

I have never envied them. Everyone loves a good drama. Child from hardship comes through mistakes, drug addition, and an abusive parent relationship. They step out of that deep darkness into the light, for all of us to see their crucible-refined character. They tell us how they had been bathed in curses thick and black. How the power of God and the light of Jesus broke through their circumstances and showed that divine hands were ...


That resolution must be willing and able to say "no matter what I will shoulder your hurts, your wrongs, your past and help you forge a future out of that." It is a resolution that must stem from the supernatural working of God.

|From Repentence|Aaron Blakeley

Jesus is the Sin Eater He is the sanctifier. The gnashing of his teeth was the crushing of death and his final cry "it is finished" gave way to The Way. His resurrection is our redemption. If we are called to take up his cross surely, our little ones will benefit from our redemption.