Parenting is The Bloodless Revolution

Parenting is The Bloodless Revolution

|Awe|Aaron Blakeley

Recently I published an article on the blog ” They Call Me Dad.” Here is an excerpt. What raises my hope and maybe makes me and possibly you, those that share honey and locusts with John The Baptist as he spoke in the wilderness, is this glorious thought: we need not kill each other to have change. I know, take a moment breath it in and then let the thought as adrenaline in your veins, ...


Even though it does not actually turn faster, I am exhausted from my efforts. When I reflect, when I meditate, I plug the holes and seal the cracks. My mind organizes, and I see what it is that I have missed.

|closed eyes|Aaron Blakeley

In recent weeks the rowing of life has been slow and trying. A steady grind of always thinking I am not doing what I should be doing. I went on a relaxing camping trip and still had that sinking feeling. The feeling is like a constant nagging in the mind “you have forgotten something important.” I hate it.