This is a prayer for lifes span

This is a prayer for lifes span

|Poetry|Aaron Blakeley

Hear oh man Listen child Woman turn your ear This is a prayer for lifes span Beg, plead, claw at the celestial gates Never stop your call For the filling of wisdom can be yours Brought to you from the spiritual delegate Whale in the night, cry in the dark Never stop your singing in the day Knowledge of his will is what you seek Always ask for understanding that’s stark Though you be alone in your flesh Your soul is counted amoungst the throng A family, a purpose, a mission, a cause By The Spirit of God’s right hand you are meshed Inspired by Colossians 1:9-12

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The Wonder In People

Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues.

|A Closed Mouth|Aaron Blakeley

What Precious People

Where has your wonder gone? I feel it to, the tug of controversy and drama unfolding. Who will win? It is the same thing you find in high school popularity. The problem with this kind of entertainment is where it leads us. We are all in the arena all of us gladiators and once the dust has settled some of us will be dead. So the question I ask is one that I have yet to see asked. The people around us, are they important? Do you look into the eyes of someone who does not agree with you and ask why? Not so that you can crush them in the debate, rather that you might understand them. I could ...

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The Worshiping Mind Unavoidable Atheism

The mind of man is plagued by an imbalance.

|From The Outflow|Aaron Blakeley

All the while atheism New age metaphysics tells with such subtle and soothing tones, “Your world is what you think it is.” You are what you make yourself. All the while atheism and humanism tells us that free will is an illusion, and we are all cast into the sea of chance and biology, which is of itself the results of chance. Then we have the constant stream of media flowing into our phones, televisions, computers and papers highlighting the constant lies and injustice that we wreak upon each other. But hey! Our world is what we make of it the product of blind chance. The mind of man is plagued by an imbalance. Reality wars with ideals and the ...


Even though it does not actually turn faster, I am exhausted from my efforts. When I reflect, when I meditate, I plug the holes and seal the cracks. My mind organizes, and I see what it is that I have missed.

|closed eyes|Aaron Blakeley


In recent weeks the rowing of life has been slow and trying. A steady grind of always thinking I am not doing what I should be doing. I went on a relaxing camping trip and still had that sinking feeling. The feeling is like a constant nagging in the mind “you have forgotten something important.” I hate it.

The Machinations of Reality

I have heard it said, perhaps it was me that did, “Everyday is good. The question is am I good in it.”

|The Moon|Aaron Blakeley

People around me sit and talk kindly to each other with smiles and nods. They drink their coffee, some order it. My favorite coffee shop Bridge 281 happens around me Longview is happening around me, and I am happening to it. Lately, the world even my own personal one has been fraught with circumstances and decisions that break like waves. They get the white froth at the peak and then you can’t look away until they resolve on the beach. Here is the thing about waves, they never resolve, not really not ever. As long as the moon orbits the earth and the waves crash, there will always be enough energy and wind for more waves. We all so desperately ...

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Somewhere in Texas the waves still flow and they still bend the light.

Somewhere in Texas the waves still flow and they still bend the light.

|some waves and some light|Aaron Blakeley

On Sunday I watched as waves swelled towards the bank of a murky lake. As the waves began to move through tall lake grass, it revealed that the water was not murky but clear, it was beautiful. The water looked murky because of the bottom of the lake. Once it was spread thinly along the shallows, it acted as a lens bending the light and bending the grass. I sat there in the lake holding down a five-gallon bucket with a rope tied to it so my mother in law would not float away in her raft on the very windy lake. I played and talked with the two little girls, two and four, that I was in charge of. ...

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No Sugar – Day 1

Having infiltrated what I can only surmise is a cult called CrossFit (k-ros-ph-it)

|(k-ros-ph-it)|Aaron Blakeley

Today I have embarked upon a challenge of sorts. Having infiltrated what I can only surmise is a cult called CrossFit (k-ros-ph-it) I have been challenged to give up sugar as a right of passage. I will be keeping this journal to document my experience and findings. If I happen to pass away or slip into madness, maybe this will stand as a warning at the gate. Do not pass through here stay on your white horse named Glucose and ride back to The Land of Pancakedom. If I survive, I will have gained valuable knowledge of this organization. I also made a terrible discovery my mayo has soybean oil in it; no sugar but soybean oil. If I am ...

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Dad Journal – Entry #1

Calm, the children, can not have a peaceful morning they have no idea how to nor do they have an inclination to learn.

|A peaceful morning|Aaron Blakeley

Morning is my favorite time of the day. Most days I have to fight the idea that my mornings are regularly stolen from me. I have not had a quiet morning since we started fostering. The kids have a maddening habit of being impossible to remove from their beds during the school days but adorable up at 5:30 on the weekends to ask if they can play on their tablet or watch TV. Recently my frustration has been exhausting, my own frustration; more exhausting than the kids themselves. Calm, the children, can not have a peaceful morning they have no idea how to nor do they have an inclination to learn. What they must see in me is a choice ...